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Bixolon SRP-350 II Thermal POS Printer

The SRP-350II is the successor of the best selling model SRP-350. The BIXOLON SRP-350II is a 3 inch thermal receipt printer...


Cino F-780 Series Linear Imaging Scanner

The all new FuzzyScan FBC-780 series Long Range Linear Imager has set up a new standard as the best cost-performance solution for aim and shoot data capture applications...


Sam4s ER-180T Single Station Cash Register

The SAM4S ER-180T is a cost effective basic Cash register, small footprint and reliable Thermal printer. Good for back up machine in case your main machine breaks down...

$426.00NZD $399.00NZD

Sam4s ER-420M Dual Roll Thermal Cash Register

The ER-420M is a solution for a wide range of Retail environments. With its 2 line LCD display and 2 station thermal printer it is well suited for the small to medium retail store. It has a very easy to use charge posting function. ...


Sam4S SPS-2000 Touch Screen System Cash Register

The SPS-2000 is a high end ROM Based Touch Screen System Cash Register solution for a wide range of Hospitality and Retail environments...


Towa AX 100 Small Drawer

Towa AX-100 is a professional power and unrivalled value at the point of sale ...


Coaxial Tool Kit

Whether you are installing a home network or home audio and video, this all-in-one tool kit can handle any type of connector termination you'll encounter. ...


Ingenico I5100 Eftpos Paymark Approved

With over 8 million EFTPOS units currently in operation worldwide, the INGENICO 5100 has an impressive track record. ...


Ingenico I5100 Eftpos Terminal and I3010 External Pinpad Combo

Ingenico I5100 Eftpos Terminal and I3010 External Pinpad Combo...

$1,178.00NZD $959.00NZD

Ingenico I3010 Eftpos External Pinpad 500mm

Ingenico I3010 Eftpos External Pinpad which is paymark and eftpos NZ approved, 500mm long...

$279.00NZD $145.00NZD

Verifone VX670 Mobile Eftpos Terminal

VeriFone Vx670 terminal is the ideal wireless GPRS solution for all your mobile payment requirements.Perfect for any merchant who needs a secure, feature-rich portable device. ...


Cadmus AC8000K eftpos rolls box of 50 Rolls

Cadmus AC8000K eftpos rolls box of 50 rolls. These rolls are New Zealand made and are good quality industrial approved. These rolls will suits to the all models of cadmus. ...



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